So, is it your dream to get that perfect WordPress website without the high price tag? So the high price tag is an objection, right?
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Or how to raise confident, keen learners without paying thousands for enrichment classes. So expense or the money factor is an objection, okay? And this is how you If you have a way of doing something, it’s good to give that process or that system, or that method a name, because this really boosts your authority and credibility as someone whom they can trust in that particular topic, okay?
So if you do have something like that, you can call that methodology out within your hook or your value proposition. Okay, so the brilliant hassle-free method to tone your abs in 10 minutes, the pain-free, effortless way to balance your books, okay?
Or the Finest Facebook Group System. So this is a specific system, to get more clients and customers in just 30 days. Are you an entrepreneur looking to get started with LinkedIn? Or are you someone who is scared of a video who is looking to get on YouTube? You know, something like that, okay? So are you a woman in her 40s looking to start to a WordPress Blogging Business in the next year?