A personal mission statement can help make decision making a lot simpler. When you can make choices with a guide, you can avoid making mistakes of morals, values, and principles. In fact, this is the one thing that can make it easier for you to keep on the right path to success in your life without experiencing burnout.


A personal mission statement is a paragraph or two that defines your personal values, morals, and principles upon which your decisions will be guided. You’ll be able to stay focused to meet short term and long-term goals. More importantly, you’ll be able to avoid shiny objects and other distractions that can separate you from your goals in life and cause burnout.


To write your personal mission statement answer the following tough questions: Keep in mind they’re hypothetical to get creative ideas.


  • What is most important to you? – You may have two or three different goals in mind that are of utmost importance.
  • What are your three biggest goals? – Likewise, list your three biggest life goals. It can help to pretend you have died, and you’re writing your eulogy.
  • What are your greatest strengths? – What are you good at, and why?
  • What are your core values? – What really makes you tick in terms of your core values. For example, achievement, adventure, friendship, and health are all core values.
  • What skills and talents do you have that help you? – What are you good at doing, and how does it impact your mission?
  • What roles are in your life? – Are you a mom, sister, friend, etc…
  • How do you want others to describe you? – Ask some people who are important to you to describe you in one sentence.
  • What mark do you want to leave on the world? – When you die, what do you want your family, friends, or even strangers to say about you?
  • Who do you hope to become? – If you could become anyone else in the world, who would it be and why?


As you answer these tough questions, you’ll begin developing ideas that will be used in your final mission statement, which is going to be short. However, for now, just answer the questions completely. Be true to who you are, and make sure you seek feedback from others by asking them how they view you and what they see as your greatest strengths. Those answers will assist you with insight that will help you with your mission statement.


After you’ve drilled down into who you are and what you want out of your life, you can use this template to fill in the blanks for your mission statement.


My mission in life is to _(Goal)__________, by _(Action)________ in order to __(Impact)______.


For example:


My mission in life is to help others overcome burnout through effective planning in order to stay healthy, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


As you see, the final results of all your work exploring yourself and what you really want out of life can be boiled down into a single sentence. Some mission statements are longer, and some people like to make them for each area of their life. It’s up to you how you create and use your personal mission statement, but once you create it, you can use it as your guide to help make decision making easier for you.


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